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Strong threads with the BaerFix® thread inserts

Do you sometimes dream of strong threads that effortlessly withstand heavy loads and environmental influences and never let you down? Or of being able to easily repair worn or torn threads without having to replace the entire component? With BaerFix®, these dreams can become reality today.

The BaerFix® thread inserts are high-quality, robust threaded sleeves that cut their own holding thread when screwed in. As a result, they anchor themselves permanently in the workpiece and can withstand even violent vibrations. You get a loadable thread that you can rely on - regardless of the shear strength of the material you are working with. In this way, you achieve high pull-out strength even in light metals and extend the service life of your threads enormously.

Use BaerFix® thread inserts for thread armoring and save money while adding flexibility to your design. The self-tapping thread insert allows you to use less expensive material without sacrificing thread security. You create the same load capacity with fewer joints and smaller screw dimensions, reducing the weight and space required. Especially for large projects, the advantages quickly add up to a large savings potential.

Thread repair is another popular application for BaerFix® thread inserts. Have you previously discarded components just because a thread was damaged? With a BaerFix® thread insert, you can easily repair them in the future. In this way, you reduce scrap and the repaired threads are even stronger in the end than before. And that not only saves you money, but also makes a small contribution to greater sustainability.

The advantages of BaerFix® thread inserts at a glance

  • Improved pullout strength
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Potential savings in space and weight
  • Thread repair easily possible

Easy to install – BaerFix® thread insert

Anyone really can carry out thread reinforcement or thread repair with threaded bushings. No matter whether you are working on a DIY project in your garage at home, in a professional workshop or want to optimize an industrial series production. BaerIn any case, Fix® helps you to easily create robust, weather-resistant threads.

Depending on the equipment in your workshop and your field of activity, you can install BaerFix® thread inserts by hand or use a machine. For both options, we carry installation tools that are precisely adapted to the situation. All you need is a drill, a countersink if necessary, and the right installation tool.

No special previous knowledge necessary

The assembly of a threaded insert does not require any special prior knowledge and is done in no time at all. First, pre-drill the core hole or tap the damaged thread. Depending on whether you work by hand or by machine, screw the thread insert onto the corresponding installation tool. With the help of this special tool, you can now screw the thread insert into the prepared hole. The BaerFix® thread insert cuts its own holding thread and then sits bombproof in the material. The installation tool is unscrewed again, the thread insert remains in the bore and from now on you no longer have to worry about broken threads. It's that simple!

Four steps to a perfectly assembled thread insert

  • Pre-drill core hole
  • Turn the thread insert onto the installation tool
  • Turn the thread insert into the hole with the installation tool
  • Turn out the installation tool

Our BaerFix® product line – More than just thread inserts

We want to make thread repair as easy as possible for you, which is why we have developed our BaerFix® product line. This means you get everything you need for thread repair from a single source. All parts have been coordinated and designed to ensure a smooth process from the very first step.

We start with the most important part: the thread insert itself. In the standard version, our self-tapping thread inserts have a cutting slot. For materials that are particularly difficult to machine, we also offer thread inserts with a tapping hole, which have a thicker wall and allow more force to be applied during machining. You will also find a special design for spark plug threads.

Assembly tools – at BAER Online-Shop

To mount the threaded insert, you need various tools. All the mounting tools you need are of course available in the BAER Online-Shop. Most important are the installation tools, either the manual installation variant or as a machine installation tool. But while you're there, why not store for core drills and countersinks in the proven BAER quality? That way, you can be absolutely sure that all the tools you use are absolutely precise and made of the highest quality starting material.

Too many individual parts? Then take a look at our sets and assortments for thread repair. So with one click you really have everything in your shopping cart that is needed for thread repair. And the smart storage box ensures that nothing gets lost and you always have all the tools at hand when you need them.


Close to the customer – BAER philosophy

And if you can't find the right thread insert in the store because you're struggling with an unusual application? Then contact us! Not possible? Not possible! We manufacture thread inserts and the matching tools entirely according to your specifications. No matter how complex your problem or how special your case, we will find the right solution for you. Tell us what you need and together we will discuss materials and dimensions and develop a thread insert that meets your requirements. You will benefit from our 40 years of experience in the field of thread machining and an ardent passion thanks to which we do not let up until you are truly completely satisfied.

Our friendly customer service staff are always ready to listen to your wishes and questions. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to help you with your purchase decision, find the right product together or explain the application in detail. Friendly, competent and always there for you - that is BAER.